Peace and Productivity (03/28/17)

Before going to sleep last night, I wrote a game plan: wake up at 5am, and for every 30 minutes, accomplish something that’s important to me. I’m currently at the halfway point, and I’m really enjoying it so far. There’s something to be said about blocking out a certain amount of time for a certain task, and only focusing on that thing (See: The Practice of One Thing at a Time).


Also, last night before bed, I rearranged my workstation, creating a whole new area for my desk. I’m feeling very inspired by this space now. Sometimes, reshuffling the deck is all that’s needed. When life gets dull, we don’t have to start a whole new life, but instead, simply move our current life around. I don’t only do this with physical items, but if there’s an idea that I’m currently brainstorming on, writing it out in various ways seems to open up new areas of that idea, showing me ways around roadblocks that I couldn’t see before. Each obstacle in life could be approached in multiple ways, whether it’s budgeting, planning a big project, writing an article, or, like last night, moving furniture around. Where we mess up at is, once something has a location, we tend to think its permanent, and we think that it shouldn’t be moved. That’s where resistance lives, and the process of getting to the desired outcome hits a wall, as we struggle to figure out our next action.

Morning Routines

Starting a new morning routine has always been my way of being proactive about my productivity. No matter what happened the day before, I know there’s always tomorrow to try again, and tomorrow brings new opportunities to be whoever I want to be. A blank canvas.

I hear the fan humming in the background. I hear Pandora cycling through peaceful music. I’ve done a dozen pull-ups and about 30 push-ups so far this morning. I’ve been awake since 4:45. It was meant to be 5am, but as soon as I became conscious, I quickly got out of bed and gained a head start on my day. I’ve been way too sluggish lately, so any advantage I can get right now, I’m taking it.

This Morning

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