Peace and Productivity (10/12/16)

Today is my day off. I had a meeting at Downtown Jeaux for 7am, the meeting just ended, and now I’ll spend the next few hours planning and writing. I usually do this privately, but I’m feeling led to write, so why not use this time to plan publicly?

Planning is essential for me to not feel overwhelmed. I plan and write out my tasks and goals for the next few days, and sometimes I write them twice or three times, until clarity is at its highest.

Sometimes my goals for the day are filled with a dozen things to do, and I’ll write them down and make a list, and I’ll slowly process that list, carefully thinking through the importance and timing of each task. As important or unimportant as the task may be, it might not be meant for that specific day, so I’ll move it forward a few days. After going through the list, and rewriting it a couple times, I’m then left with a simplified version of what I’d like to complete.

This process is about looking at what absolutely has to get done, versus what can wait, versus what sounds really fun to do. Some people would think that this planning is too tedious, but it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. I walk away from my iPad and my notebook with that clarity and excitement that I’m looking for. I can then go through the rest of my day with intention, purpose, and peace of mind.

Today’s Planning

What does the rest of today look like?

What are some upcoming expenses to prepare for?

What are the writing projects that are waiting for me?

What does tomorrow look like?

What does the weekend look like?

What are some big events coming up?

I’m Nash. I create things.