Peace and Productivity (10/18/16)

I did this last week, and it worked out good for me, so I’ll keep it going. At Downtown Jeaux, on the iPad Pro, Fantastical is opened on the left of the screen, Ulysses on the right, Baron Fig notebook on the side of me, Outkast discography shuffled in the headphones.


My first goal is to rewrite all of my bills out, in the order that they arrive: date/title/amount. Even though I’ve written this a hundred times, it keeps me sharp, and as I make my planning public, you’ll notice how redundant this part of my planning is—but it helps, so I keep doing it. Then I make sure that all the bills are accounted for in Fantastical. Doing so today, I was able to remove the Dropbox monthly cost and adjust my car note due date. Also added the Apple Music monthly subscription to the calendar. From here, I go into Simple (my bank account), and make sure each bill is also accounted for here as well.

Task Manager

Inbox: Next up is OmniFocus, my task manager (Side note: read Getting Things Done, it’s my most recommend non-fiction book. It’s the book that started me on this productivity kick—or just research the GTD methodology). First, I clear out the Inbox (this is where I dump any idea or future task I might have to do: one location to dump ideas into, knowing that eventually I’ll get to it, and that task won’t be forgotten, is critical). I clear out the Inbox by placing each individual task in the right project or folder. Some might not be important anymore, so they’re deleted. Some are already completed, they get checked off.

Reviews: After clearing out the Inbox, I go through my Reviews (Currently 37 Projects to review). These Projects to review could range from something huge to something tiny (I consider a project anything that involves more than one task). The Pilot, my next album, is a big project. Updating the Now section of my site is a small project. Both are projects, but the size and importance of each one is completely opposite, but yet neither are forgotten about. Reviewing these projects (which recurs weekly for me) allow me to see (just like the Inbox) if a project is still relevant, and what’s the next action needed to move the project forward. As we speak, I’ve deleted a handful and checked off a few that I completed since last reviewing my system. I’ve also added a few new projects, like upcoming performances, upcoming appointments, and upcoming goals that I’m aiming to accomplish.

Today’s Planning

What’s on the agenda for today?

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

Upcoming Expenses?

Writing projects to work on?

Upcoming events to prepare for?

I’m Nash. I create things.