Penultimate: Make Good Art

A few days ago, I borrowed my mom’s iPad to finish a few books that I was reading, and not only did I finish the books, I was also able to find new ways to make good art.

My main goal was to add a bunch apps on the iPad for my family to use, games for the kids, apps that my mom would find interesting, and even a folder for me, for when I visit over there. I forgot how powerful this tablet can be if you fill it with the right tools. 

An app that I downloaded again was one that I remember Evernote acquiring a few months back, Penultimate. A simple drawing app that makes it easy to create things. I opened it up, wrote a few songs in it, and then noticed a tiny picture icon at the top of the screen. I began testing it out.

I came across all the pictures my mom has of me as a kid, and started throwing a few together, coloring around the edges, scribbling out thoughts. This is fun!

A very simple tool, just choosing a picture, pinching the picture to decide the size, then start doodling around it. Continue those steps again if you want more pictures added. 

School OR Sun - Brayden is living the life right there.

My mom is constantly taking some great pictures of the family, capturing every moment, and you start to appreciate her for that, most family’s don’t have this many moments to look back on.

I kept adding photos, and kept trying new tricks, cool art was being made. 

I spent most of the time on this one, testing the amount of pictures I could throw at it, and how to fully use this app as a tool. This shows how powerful Penultimate can be.  

I can take any picture, and add so much more life to it than before. 

My beautiful sister. She doesn’t get enough credit for the great person she’s become. I love her.

And for the finale, I wanted to show respect to the man that has been the father figure to my entire family, such a great guy, my mom’s fiancé, Mr. Eric.

All of these were created in less than 30 minutes, showing you how easy it is to enhance your photography, and make good art.

Thanks for having all of these pictures on the iPad mom!<