Pilot Program: Engine

I’ve slowly gotten into the website building business. At the bottom of my site, you’ll see /code and /engine, that’s what those are for:

This is something that’s happened organically over the last few months. When I realized that what I’ve been building on is something that should be distributed to others, that are creative or have a voice, but aren’t really into building or running a website.

Site’s I’ve Built so Far

The list will be growing very fast. I have a partner with this, Jay. He’s the coder for this project, handling the deeper coding that I’m oblivious about. I never take him for granted, because he sees these things better than I can. I just have the vision for where I want them to go. Slowly but surely, my site, as well as all the other sites that are build on top of this engine” will be well oiled machines. I have a vision for this that I’m truly excited about. To be able to help others. I love that.

Highlights from my Kindle