Pluto Tv and the Process of Having Black and White Films Loop 24/7 - This Is the First of Many to Come: Just Some Quick Tips on How to Do Something Tech Related. Hope Some of These Will Help You.

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to watching old black and white movies. Not even watch them, but have them on in the background, muted. I like having the TV on as I write, or even as I sleep, and I don’t like having to pick something. I also don’t like having something on that catches my attention and distracts me. Black and white films, have the perfect feel that I’m looking for. I attempted a few different ways, and finally settled on the best way.

My Setup

If you a smart tv, an Apple TV, a Roku, Firestick, etc. - Pluto TV will be on there and it doesn’t cost anything. It has many channels, that play nonstop.

If there’s one thing I miss about having traditional cable, is the effortless process it was to have channels just play without doing any work. This current setup has brought that back for me.


Highlights from my Kindle

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