The Point God Game


Larson Ishii:

In the most important game in the Clippers’s franchise history, in the greatest first round series ever, in an INSANE Game 7, Chris Paul has the game of his career and wills the Clippers to victory.

Flashback to the 2008 Western Conference Semifinals. In a highly contested series, Chris Paul’s Hornets are playing the Spurs in a game 7 at home with everything on the line. Paul’s team lost that night, the furthest CP3 has ever been in the postseason, and the Chris Paul playoff failure narrative began to develop. Choker. CP0. OKC Game 5. Never made it to the Western Conference Finals. In a game 7 at home against those very same San Antonio Spurs, Chris Paul went full Point God, playing the best game of his career on one leg, scoring a game high 27 points and hitting the game winning shot forever exorcising his playoff demons. MJs flu game, LeBron’s Boston Game 6, the Point God game; these are the types of games that form legacies and are remembered.

It was only Round 1, but when I look back and remember all the doubters and how they were silenced, this game will be the one I think of. After the game winner, my phone blew up with messages from people giving respect to Chris Paul’s Game 7 performance. In this chapter of Paul’s book, I couldn’t ask for a better ending. This will be a game you watch on ESPN Classics 10 years from now.

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