The Comparison Race

All of our lives look different, as they’re supposed to. Success isn’t measured the same, and what brings me fulfillment and happiness will look completely different to the next person. It’s a race that we’re all running, where nobody is in front of us, nobody behind us, and the only way to lose this race is to actually stop running altogether.

Your pace is your pace, and the only person you’re competing with is yourself. Comparing your life and situation to someone else’s is not only slowing you down, but that other person doesn’t even see you. All they see is what’s in front of them and the direction their life is headed.

Comparison is only a distraction. In our minds, there’s hundreds of people around us, running just a little bit faster than we are, while judging us, as we try to keep up on this current lap. But it all changes when we realize that no one else is there. It’s silent, with no distractions in sight. It’s just us.

What if we decide to change everything about the race we’re running? What if our race looks nothing like any race before it? We have that opportunity. Knowing that it’s only us (with no first, second, or last place) brings us a new kind of freedom, to start a journey that we couldn’t even imagine before.

Whatever you want your finish line to look like (no matter how big or small, and no matter how it looks compared to someone else’s life) starts now. Just start running.

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