Apple Watch and Resolve Podcast

I haven’t taken the time to write about the Apple Watch yet—well not publicly, but my Field Notes are full of thoughts, where I predict how life-changing it’ll be. This is a topic that holds great interest to me, and I truly believe that Apple has something really special on the way. If you didn’t see Apple Watch’s Introduction video, I highly recommend checking it out a few times. This will help you understand how personal technology is about to become.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Apple Watch, I’d recommend listening to the Resolve Podcast. Each episode explores a variety of details about the watch and what we can expect from this upcoming product.

Apple Watch: The 21st Century Wristwatch - this is my favorite episode, and if you only listen to one episode, let it be this one. But if you want to follow along each week, here’s the iTunes link and the RSS feed. Subscribe to either of those.