Rich Paul Knows What He’s Doing

Tom Ziller:

You can take issue with how he does business differently than other NBA agents. You can loathe the so-called player empowerment era he is synonymous with. But you can’t say Rich Paul does a bad job for his clients. Anthony Davis wanted to get traded to the Lakers to play with another Rich Paul client, LeBron. Anthony Davis got traded to the Lakers.

Eric Bledsoe wanted to get paid by the Suns, held out, and got paid by the Suns thanks to Rich Paul. Tristan Thompson wanted to get paid by the Cavaliers, held out, and got paid by the Cavs thanks to Rich Paul. Bledsoe wanted to get traded, and got traded thanks to Rich Paul.

Of course, dozens of other agents do their jobs, too, and typically without getting Sports Illustrated cover stories out of it. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of the fact that while he does it differently and with more visibility, Rich Paul does the job for his clients just about every single time.

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