Richard Sherman isn’t wrong, you are.

t going to say anything about this topic, until I kept seeing it over-and-over on my phone. This shouldn’t be something we blow up the internet with and spend our entire day discussing. This is what you call emotion. This is what the world needs more of.

People get worked up over the dumbest things. When someone does something that creates shock value, the entire world lashes out and tells that person to sit down and be respectful, and act like you’ve been there before.’

This dates back to every crazy TV moment I can think of — if it’s not what the world expects then it’s wrong. Instead of appreciating someone’s hunger to be the best at their craft, they want them to stay humble and be quiet. If someone asks you how you feel, lie to them and use the same cliché word tracks that you hear after every game you watch.

Instead, I want people to be angry, and mad, and be emotional, and not care what anyone thinks; just be yourself. The ones that follow the norm and do what society expects from them are the ones that continue to just spectate and respond and cry about how someone else isn’t being respectful — you rarely see these people leading their craft, they usually follow.

Emotions come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s what this entire Richard Sherman conversation comes down to: emotion.

The best part about what Richard Sherman did was the stir it created. Look at Erin Andrews’ face. Look at all of your friends talking about it. I don’t care who you are. If you can do that, you have my respect.<

I’m Nash. I create things.