Roman Leather

One of our many family businesses will be launching soon. The first one is handmade leather goods, like purses and wallets. My dad picked up this skill while being away for a few years. This little business will be operated by me, my dad, and my brother. I’ll have the first batch of products in the next few weeks, and I’m hoping to sell through all of them immediately. I hope you see something you like and purchase it right away.

Each one purchased will be helping several things: payback the initial investment, help my dad make a living during his last few months until he comes home, help fund the next order of supply to keep the products coming, help me and my brother make extra money, and most importantly, help show us that a family business is possible.

For the last few years, my vision has been to create a bunch of micro-businesses. Instead of having all of my money coming from one job, I’ll have little buckets of income from many different sources, totaling up to a full paycheck. Over the years, this has slowly become a reality, and this leather project is another step in that direction.

Roman Leather: A Family Businesss. a Father and His Two Sons. the Three of Us Together Will Bring You Quality Products That Are Built With Love (And Leather).

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