Race the Sun

The new system I’ve built for creating comes down to one thing: race the sun. Wake up two hours before sunrise and create for the world.

Once the sun is out, there has to be something public on my site, and I also have to stop writing for the day. If it doesn’t get created before the sun comes up, the daily streak is broken, and it’ll have to wait until the following day to start again. Don’t break the streak.

This constraint gives me the rules needed to feel urgency and freedom. Urgency to race the sun. Freedom because once the sun comes up, my job is done for the day, and I don’t have to worry about creating again until the next morning.

Rose Was Born November 12th. We Just Bought a House. Doing a Lot of Remodeling. Had Christmas at Our Home With Family. Turned 35 a Few Months Ago, Reflected on That Point of My Life. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: December 29th, 2021.

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