Scratched Cornea: Productivity Life Hack

A few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to take my contacts out. When I did that, the contact scratched my cornea, and I couldn’t see out of that eye. I spent the following morning at the doctor, getting the treatment and instructions to rest it (not go into sunlight). Those $100 eye drops that were prescribed to me helped the situation. I still have blurry vision in the left eye, with a follow-up next week, but at least there’s no more pain. During that rest” time (and since I was in the house and couldn’t do anything else), I was able to knock out a few projects that were waiting on me.

This is how you turn a bad thing into a good thing. I’m back at work feeling more motivated and productive than ever.

Side note: My new glasses from Warby Parker came in today, a day early, which lets me know that I don’t need my contacts for awhile.

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