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gler explains why the iPad is changing the way we use computers.

That’s one reason why the iPad is such a powerful tool with children. It just makes sense. There is basically no learning curve.

This thought leads some skeptics to suggest that maybe the iPad is just that: a children’s toy. It’s not a real computer. But that’s crap. Again, I’m a heavy computer user. And I’m getting comfortable enough with the iPad now that I much prefer to use it in the vast majority of computing situations.

No, it’s not as good at multi-tasking as a traditional computer. But in many ways, that’s actually refreshing. It moves us away from the era of always being distracted and trying to do six tasks at once. Focus.

Also remember that this is still the early days of tablets. The new iPad is very powerful, but in a few years, it will seem insanely weak and slow. The things we’ll be able to do with them will grow exponentially. And more people will end up like me: carrying around a tablet instead of a laptop.

Sooner rather than later, tablets will replace computers. I find myself — more often than I expected — reaching for the iPad to do most of my daily task, and only using the MacBook Air for the heavy lifting.

A year ago, I tried to use an iPad as my main computer, but struggled with things that would’ve been very simple on my laptop. But a year later, apps have matured in such a way that the tablet version is even superior in most aspects.

It won’t be long until I’ll be recording my albums on an iPad and not even needing a real computer. The technology is almost there for power users. And for the casual user, the ones who only browse the web, check email, and play on Facebook, there is no reason to get a computer anymore.

Nowadays, when someone asks me what computer to get, I always tell them to get an iPad. The power of a computer, combined with the battery life, puts the iPad as the leading device to carry around on a daily basis, without worrying about constantly charging it.

Anyone, from my grandma to my baby brother, can pick the iPad up from the coffee table and instantly understand how to operate it. That changes everything.<