Shoot For The Stars (Inception)

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It’s a slow process, so lets travel. Life is a battle, fighting with my shadow. To go out there, I’m not prepared for it. Get your camcorders, capture the moment. It’s like, halt, who goes there?” Welcome to nowhere. Heartbreak Hotel, my passion is so rare. I so dare you to walk in my shoes, the old pair. Before I was older. When the troubles in the world were new to me. Colder, the bolder that was on my shoulders, and a rap book that was glued to me. As a child, what was considered an everyday smile, was more like an occasional costume to me. I’m kinda different, stick with me. It’ll take a few minutes to get immune to me!

Live from the mind of monster. How much can I accomplish? This is not a contest. What I aim for is timeless Inception, I am the designer. A ticking time bomb when you’re dealing with my rhymes. Watch me build the layout. Music is the maze now try to find your way out. Too many garbage artist take the safe route, so this is me throwing the bait out, yea.

In the box, he never comes out. He just stares at the world outside. Thinking to himself:

I’ll just stay inside, that’s my survival tactics. Back against the wall, as the world is crashing down around me. Heart pounding. I gotta stay grounded. Look at my surroundings. No water, but I’m drowning, and the thought of never getting out of here…” Close my eyes, staring at the emptiness. I reminisce  about you, as I stare into the stars.<

I’m Nash. I create things.