Breaking Down My Site

As I get back to creating I’d first like to think about the foundation I have here. Let’s break down each area, to give you a full understanding of what’s going on. Let me explain. 1

This is the image I chose to represent the site. From the color to the space theme to the starship, this image displays adventure and creativity.

What’s hidden inside of the banner image is a search box. Click or tap anywhere in the middle and a blinking cursor pops up for you to type what you’re looking for.

Cartoon Face

A cartoon face that I hired a designer to create. If you notice that the colors keep changing, that’s because it’s like 30 different images randomly rotating. This is one of the elements of the site I wanted to make the site feel alive.


I’m Nash. I create things.” This tagline was from narrowing down a much longer bio that tried to explain what I do. It eventually ended up being just these two sentences. Who I am and what I do here. It’s that simple.

Hidden Archive

In the bio, the word Create” is blue. It’s a different color for a reason. It signifies that it’s a link. Clicking it will bring down a dropdown menu of all the things that were posted for the current month.

Year Counter

I wanted a timer that never stopped. Numbers always moving. This timer shows my age. It shows that the clock is ticking, go do something about it. This is another area of the site that I wanted to help everything feel alive.

Truthfully I never wanted a menu section, but I would get private messages constantly about someone trying to find a simple section of the site, this menu section is a quick way to get to those links that are often requested.

Highlights From My Kindle

I have a Kindle Oasis. Anytime I highlight something I really enjoyed, that highlight shows up here randomly. One of my favorite areas of the site, because even if I’m not creating, but just reading, I’m still creating. It motivates me to read more.


It comes down to three buckets:

  • Blog
  • Discoveries
  • Projects

That’s the entire site in a nutshell. A blog is a few paragraphs about something I was thinking about. Discoveries is when I’m searching on the internet and find something worth sharing. Projects is something with many layers that took much longer to create. Every single day (whether I add something to them or not), I’m thinking about one of these three boxes.

Shop Grid

This is a grid of four things from my shop that can be purchased. A quick way to see what merchandise I have to offer.

Album Grid

This is a grid of my four latest albums. A quick way to see what music I’ve recorded lately.

Coffee Box

A simple box that asks for your help with supporting the site. Whatever amount you put into the coffee box will be a monthly payment to help keep the site alive.

Mailing List

It’s simple: if you write your email address here, my words will reach you again.” This box pops up when you scroll to the bottom of the site. A quick way for you to join in and keep up with me.

  1. Almost every section that was built here was assisted by Jay Ray.↩︎

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Highlights from my Kindle