A log of my journey through No Man’s Sky (I wrote about the game here before it came out, explaining what it is and why I was excited for it). Here’s the Table of Contents. Click on one of the links to bring you to that part of the post.

000: 48 hours from arriving

This is the beginning. I’m a few days away from starting, but I’m already preparing for what’s to come. I’ll be landing on my home planet in approximately 48 hours. There’s no telling which planet that’ll be, what’ll it’ll look like, or if it’s safe or not. I’ve heard the whispers. The others like me are arriving on their home planet also. Some of their homes are pretty and peaceful, while others are filled with danger.

I’ve done the research: I know about the spacesuit and multi-tool that I’ll be equipped with. I know about the damaged ship that I wake up next to (how to fix it is the question I’m still wondering). Once I open my eyes, there’s no instructions, but only the task at hand: gather as many resources as possible and begin traveling towards the light.

000: The Final Hour

There’s a countdown on the screen. I’m keeping an eye on it. That’s when my journey begins. That’s when all bets are off.

There was a lot of prep work before getting to this point, before being free to only focus on my journey. There were tasks that needed to be completed, mental clutter that needed to be removed.

The sky is waiting for me. My home planet is an hour away from being generated. My spaceship will be damaged, but it’ll be mine. It’ll have its own unknown story (why was it damaged?). I wonder how long I’ll keep this ship, before finding a faster and stronger ship—and when that time comes, will I pick the new shiny one over my first ship, the one that started this journey with me?

001: Home - Romgrenfrobog

Rasamama S36 is my first ship. I’ll call it S36 for short. Romgrenfrobog is my home planet. I’ll call it Frobog for short.

It took me awhile to get comfortable. I was overwhelmed by the freedom I had. There were no instructions. I was thrown onto the planet with no understanding of what to do next. Sentinel drones were hovering over me, watching my every move. My health was depleting without me doing anything. I had to find resources, but also had to be mindful of the drones protecting those resources.

My first session was three hours, that was as long as I could go before needing sleep. During those three hours, I spent my time becoming familiar with the controls, the cargo management, and how to upgrade and create new technologies and craft products. Without any instructions, it took me that whole time just to really understand how to do these things.

002: Space Station

Before going back home to finish finding all the resources, I went to the nearest space station to buy a new starship. I looked at about 5 different ships, but the more I thought about it, I rather hold onto my ship as long as possible. Maybe it’ll hurt me in the long run for not having a bigger ship, but I rather go on this journey with my starter ship as long as I can. It’ll mean more to me.

003: Ampofis Major

In my third session, especially in the first hour, I had a sense of confidence: I knew what to do, I was familiar with the planet, and knew the objects. This was the most comfortable I’ve felt with the game so far.

An hour and ten minutes into this video, I finally start exploring the second planet, Ampofis Major, which was a darker mood, with a rat/beaver looking creature, that was the size of my shoe, but tried to pick a fight with me. The sad thing is he won and I ran away.

004: Wandering - When A Game Helps Heal Me

I plan on writing this log as I’m actually in the game, and my logs are a journal of what’s going on. But not this time.

Today the game is a therapy for me. I made me a comfortable area next to my bed, with blankets and pillows, where I can lay back and still be close. The headphones are on for the surround sound, and the pill bottles are next to me with a cup of water. Every few hours I have to take them.

Out of nowhere, my left elbow decides to get bursitis. Here’s a picture of it. Had to get two shots last night, one on each hip. I struggled to sleep when getting home. Sharp pains every few hours. So now here I am, in a very relaxing spot, with medicine to help when the pain starts coming back. Which brings me to how this game is helping me.

When I turned the game on, I decided that today won’t be a day of serious progression in the game. I won’t be leaning towards the tv with intensity, but instead I’ll be leaning back, relaxing, and calmly exploring my home planet some more.

There was an 8 minute flight from the space station to my planet, and I could’ve pressed the speed boost and got there in a minute, but I did something different this time. I let my ship drift those 8 minutes until arriving. I was in no rush.

Even my exploring on the planet this time has a sense of peace. If you watch the video of this session, you’ll notice that. It’s almost boring. The best way to sum up session 004 is that I was in no rush at all. It’s as if my character in the game is hurt, and we’re recovering together.

005: Building the Hyperdrive

It was at the 01:10:00 mark where I found the hyperdrive. I did so by finally getting to the red indicator that was labeled Outpost’. The hyperdrive will allow me to travel much further in the universe. I’m not limited to just the planets around me.

The past two videos have been mundane for two reasons: I wasn’t feeling good, and I was doing repetitive work. I’ve learned that I don’t have to do all the tedious exploring all the time. This game is massive, with 18 quintillion planets, and I’m still on the first three. It’s a challenge I’m struggling with: do I take my time on all the nearby planets, or do I start going further and focus on getting closer to the center of the universe?

006: My First Time Dying

In this session: I left my solar system, arrived at the nearest space station, met a new kind of aliens, the Vy’keen. I then traveled to a cold planet, then quickly left that planet to follow the green beacon, which gave me a new technology to build warp cells.

And then, what I was least expecting to happen, as I was happily traveling back to the space station, some enemy ships started attacking me. It was a group of them. I tried shooting back, but I was so outnumbered that they destroyed me before I ever had a chance.

007: Space Jumping

The Sentinals are not of the natural order. Things must fall apart. In their endlessness and replication the automatons prove themselves abominations. They must be purged from existence. All should die, whether righteous battle or the assault of time.

Simple session. Get the resources needed to build the Warp Cell and space jump further into the galaxy.

008: The Return

It’s been 12 days since my last visit. Feels like forever. It’s been on my mind everyday since then though, but I’ve finally returned. I spent this session on foot, wandering around, and finding peace in getting lost.

I’m Nash. I create things.