Thoughts on Suns/Pelicans so Far (The Series Is 2-2 As of Now)

From the start of this series, you wouldn’t know that the Suns had the better record. The 1 seed vs the 9th seed. We went in thinking it would be much easier. But it’s been a tough battle all four games, with each team winning two.

I’m humbled by that.

The Pelicans are playing with house money. Willie Green has this young team playing with no pressure. They’re more aggressive than us in almost every way: making tougher shots, getting more rebounds, getting more 50/50 balls, and getting under our skin. I have a new respect for the Pelicans that I didn’t have before.

Looking forward to the next game.

  • G5: Tu 4/26 9:00 PM @ Suns
  • G6: Th 4/28 TBD v Suns
  • G7?: Sa 4/30 TBD @ Suns

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