Game of Spurs: Dethroning King James’

Image is credited to Bleacher Report’s Game of Zones video.

Though I predicted the Spurs would win this series, I didn’t expect they’d do it in only 5 games. That’s impressive. They were basically two points away from sweeping the Heat. Put that in perspective.

The fact that this is a shocking victory, and is considered an upset to most people (that don’t follow basketball close enough) is the best way to define how unappreciated the San Antonio Spurs are. That’s why them winning the ring this year is so important—to me, to the NBA, to the basketball gods. This is a chance to fix what’s broken. Even good basketball has it’s day of glory. This time around, it’s not about the dunks and individual accolades. The story line for these NBA Finals is about passing and selflessness. I’m sure ESPN is scratching their heads, wondering how do we make a highlight reel out of a damn pass?

Let’s give it up for Tim Duncan, a true gift to the NBA. One day, I’ll be telling my grand kids about him, as if he was a great fairy-tail.

You see kids, these type of players don’t exist anymore. The kind of guys that quietly dominate you. These young bucks now only know how to be loud and selfish. But Timmy, as the rest of the league fussed about who was the best, Timmy walked calmly into the Hall of Fame, without ever saying a word.