Sofa: Sticky Notes

Download Sofa Here.

I wrote about Sofa in October. I’ve only gotten better with using it since then. My lists are stronger, my groups offer more organization, and my activity logs continue to improve. Here’s a few new reasons why.

Sofa has a new underrated feature that I’d like to breakdown. Something so simple, but so useful. Sticky notes. I’ve been using them primarily in the activity log when I’m finished watching or playing something.

If I add a sticky note in Activity, it’ll only live in Activity. So if the show is still in your library, the note won’t appear there. Just Activity.

I found this useful for two things:

  • TV series episodes
  • A ranking system

Episode Notes

For episode notes, when I log a show I just watched, I also add a sticky note that says something like E2 so I know which episode I finished. A great way to track the progress of a show and know where to pick up where I left off.


I also created a rank system inside of Sofa. When I log what I’ve watched, I also add a note that ranks it. It involves making a keyboard shortcut that includes a star system (something I built on my phone years ago). Typing 3s” replaces it with ★★★☆☆.


By adding these stars to my activity in Sofa, now when I search for five stars, it’ll show me everything that I thought was the best. Over time, this list could become quite useful.

Hope this experiment is useful for you. Let me know what you think on Twitter.

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