Start Where You Are

Start where you are. With what you have. Most people wait. They wait for that missing piece to the puzzle. That little solution that’ll make everything fall into place. They have an idea, but it’s not completely formulated yet. One day though, they think themselves, it’ll be there. They just need the right equipment. The right tools for the job. The right location. The right person to help them get to that next level. They plan on doing something big one day, but just not right now.

Start where you are. With what you have. Whatever tools you have in front of you. Use those. The constraints of your situation are more powerful than you think. Use them. They will help you. Because having the best tools in the world won’t help: it’ll only make you just like everyone else. You’ll get lost in the crowd, just like they are. Your constraints though, that’s you. That’s the difference between you and them. That’s what’ll set you apart.

Start where you are. Right now. With what you have. The world is waiting.

Turned 35 a Few Months Ago. Just Bought a House. We’re Having a Baby Girl. We Now Have a Husky. Spent the Month of October Releasing Something Every Day. Last Updated: October 25th, 2021.

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