Clippers’ Starting Lineup: driving force early on’

Justin Russo:

It’s always best to remember that Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan are all among the best players at their respective positions. Whether you want to call Paul and Griffin the best point guard or power forward in the league is up to you. Whether you want to call Jordan a top three center in the game is up to you, as well. That’s not what this discussion is about. It’s about how good they are as a collective unit that it makes the fifth guy deadly no matter who he is. Alongside them is J.J. Redick, one of the deadliest off-ball movers in the entire league. His ability to move and create shooting angles for himself, as well as others, is nearly second to none.

[…] With Barnes, the team was a staggeringly dominant opponent for whoever stepped foot on the same floor as them. However, it’s been taken to a whole new level this season with the arrival of Lance Stephenson — the man Barnes was traded for. It seems as if the starting group has taken off in vastly different ways since Stephenson entered the equation.

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