Strangers (A Beautiful Mess)

Verse 1

These moments that keep circling in my mind. A different person I am today, than who I was when you said hi’. I lost all confidence inside. Trying to find myself. I go through all these motions, like I’m fine. I’m broken, feeling hopeless, still knowing, deep inside, there’s still that guy, with all the fire and potential. If I could find the match, strike it, find the spark, and see my target…I love you with all my heart and tha[t’s problem. It’s hard for me to go from talking marria]ge, to silence. Lord knows that I’m trying, but Lord knows that I’m dying. Lord knows that my mask cracked back there, and now I’m gasping for oxygen. Lord knows that I’m reaching out for help, but it’s only words that they can give me, I still gotta do it by myself.

Verse 2

These moments that keep circling in my mind. We’d talk for hours, and now we’re strangers. How’d it change up? I can’t lose myself. With or without you, I gotta find my angle. My purpose is bigger than one person. I gotta ride this wave though. These strongholds, please let go of me. Your laughing and your glasses and your eyes, they got a hold on me. I’m fighting it. Anxiety, rushes over me. Life is but a dopamine. Coping with the loss of you. This tunnel, I keep walking through. Whatever it cost, I’d give it all up just to talk to you, and your daughter too. In and out of my life. I’m trying fix it and get it right. But I’m only making it worse. My words have become a curse. Every text has good intentions, until it hurts.

Verse 3

These moments that keep circling in my mind. Connections. Disconnections. It’s been one hell of a ride. All the good days and the bad ones. had fights and we had fun. Conversations, they last forever. It’s hard to deny the passion. Your daughter remembers my name. As soon as she sees me she starting to wave. I’m caught in the cycle of love, it’s all in my heart and it’s all in my brain. I’m attached to the ball and the ball and the chain. Lord free me or bring them closer. Show me the way to connect all these dots. Or finally show me it’s over.


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