Make Your Own Impact

Kamikaze Review

Finding My Best Self

Scorpion: My Thoughts and My Version

Ye: My Thoughts On The Album


I deleted all of my information from Facebook

An April Newsletter

J.Cole - KOD (Review)

Revisiting J.Cole’s Born Sinner

My Cracked Apple Pencil

Doing More and Not Settling

A simple recipe to auto-blog any YouTube video I like

My Morning Routine

Introducing Headband: a basketball blog

What’s In My Bag

Minimal Productivity

The End of Retail

The Outdoors

Healthy Living

3 Years At Cross Church, 20 Months With No Alcohol

Bad Seasons

Revisiting Jay Z’s Kingdom Come, and still, it’s not a good album.

Things: A Task Manager

Make Lists, Improve Your Day

100 Jacket Mission

White Space: A Month of Silence

The Best Man’s Speech

Apple Watch: Fill Your Rings (and build good habits)

What I Have Is Enough

The Unfollow Button

Mugshots and Coffee Addictions

Getting Things Done (a lot of things)

A Gym


Five Changes

Self Control” and Nights” from Frank Ocean’s Blonde album

Welcome to iPad: the five apps I download first

Allbirds Wool Runners: 8 Months Later (Review)

The Dragon and the Emoji Princess (by Nash Pitre and Nicole Verdin)


Two Years, No Alcohol

31: a blank canvas


Nobody: a poem

Sometimes we earn the day, sometimes we sit on the couch

Blonde’s Ending (Seigfried, Godspeed, Futura Free)

Just Know That I’m Working On My Return

Raising Money For Bolivia

Rest In Peace, Randal

My Two-Year Anniversary at Cross Church

Good Morning, 5am

My 10 Favorite Albums from 2016

Why Minimalism: The Act of Removing Clutter

A Simple Christmas Gift To And From My 6 Year-Old Brother

Minimalism Update (12/22/16)

J.Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only (Review)

Pete and Sudi: Rekindling Lost Relationships

Back to Dropbox: Organizing My Digital Files

Returning From The Blackout

The Noise

Diversifying My Income

Carol: how my grandma impacted my life

Dear Younger Me

Writing, Archives, Friends

Rolling Shirts and Letting Go of Hangers

The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it

My Thoughts on Blonde, Frank Ocean’s New Album

Thoughts On My Next President

Pallet Bookshelf

About my friend, Chase Toups, and how God is working in his life

2016 Goals



Dad’s Jacket

75 Year Old’s First Vacation


The Impossible

The Impossible

Removing the Clutter

Seeing Progress With My Workouts

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Getting in Shape

First Day of Cross Church

Remembering Carol

Becoming Pretty Boy

Kids - helping them grow

My Nanny Sheila

Lap One: the toy and the survivor

Merry Christmas, Brayden

Giving Nevaeh My iPad for Christmas

The Machine — a love story

The Trampoline Trick

Family and Friends

GTA III — A Child’s Perspective


Where is She?

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