The Black Keys, an Old Speaker, and the Future (An Amazon Echo Dot Review)

It woke me up at 5am this morning. As I climbed out of bed, I said, Alexa, play The Black Keys Radio.” I started making my bed with music playing low in the background. Before showering, I grabbed my 7 year old bluetooth speaker and turned it on. The Echo Dot instantly connected to the speaker, and The Black Keys was jamming in the bathroom. When it was time to leave for work, I turned off the old bluetooth speaker, and the music continued playing low on the Echo Dot, right above the headboard of my bed. I left for work.

I just came home for lunch, and The Black Keys was still playing in the bedroom, as background noise. I preheated the oven, put the pizza inside, and then told Alexa to set a 15 minute timer. I turned on the little old bluetooth speaker, The Black was jamming again, as I washed dishes. Before finishing the last dish, the timer went off. I dried my hands, and pulled the pizza out of the oven. The music continued. I’ll be leaving for work in a few minutes, and The Black Keys will still be performing all of their songs, as they wait for me to return home.


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