The Controversial Kendrick Verse

kind of moments don’t happen every day. What started as a quiet evening in the music industry, ended with as much chaos as one could possibly create in the world of hip hop.

Here’s a link to the song.

Kendrick Lamar stirred up some controversy by calling out, by name, other artist that are up-and-coming. He challenged all rappers, and proclaimed that this isn’t anything personal, but you’re in the way.

He caught everyone by surprise, and I couldn’t be happier by what’s taking place (many have replied since then, and I think it’s funny that even the replies are weak, and the reason Kendrick did this in the first place). The rap industry is full of cornballs and gimmicks — guys that are popular, but don’t have the talent to back it up.

Here’s my tweets about this topic since then:

  1. Kendrick just gave us the verse of the year. Everybody else, sit down.

  2. Kendrick set the industry ablaze. Rappers are running out of the woodwork from the fire — replying because it’s the trendy thing to do now.

  3. It’s much easier for these guys to reply and follow the wave of hype than it is to actually create it from scratch.

  4. The beauty of what Kendrick Lamar did: nobody expected it. Once a magician shows his trick, anybody can do it.

  5. When moments like this happen, you could see the difference between those who play chess, & those who’s minds can only comprehend checkers.

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