The Impact Collection

I’m starting something new on my site. I’ll be calling it Collections. Each Collection will consist of four shirts, all with different designs that tell a specific story.

The Impact Collection

Randal Strong

1 of 4 — Randal Strong: The first design is for my friend Randal, who’s battling cancer, and time seems to be running out for him. The phrase #RandalStrong signifies a fighter, someone who continues to overcome adversity on a daily basis. All proceeds will go to him and his family.



2 of 4 — Hero: The second design for The Impact Collection is my own special super team: Astro Boy, BB-8, Brayden, Future Trunks, and Link. All proceeds will go to Brayden (which means new Nerf guns and Lego sets).


Creative Minds

3 of 4 — Creative Minds: The third design for The Impact Collection is for anyone that creates. Whether it’s stories, paintings, music, or crafts—a creative mind is something to be proud of. This shirt pays homage to last year’s Creative Minds Small Group, and by purchasing it, you are supporting my upcoming Bolivia mission.


I’m Nash. I create things.