The Mac Miller Post and What You Said

A friend:

thinking back on the mac miller post, & what you said.. wow, yeah.. because I try to seem like this happy person everyday but it’s really just a mask. hiding years of sadness, anger, disappointment and so much more i’m not going to get into yet..but today has definitely been a very eye opening day and it’s not even noon yet. so thank you for feeling inspired from my page, and with that you inspired me.

I did have this thought the other day to start writing again, and wondered where it could have taken me if i didn’t lose touch with it. My childhood wasn’t the easiest, and when I was 13 in 8th grade is when i really started journaling and writing poetry.. just so much has happened between then and now and i lost sight of a lot of things..but i’m seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and i’m about to chase that shit.

Bought a Camera, Going Pro. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Rose Was Born November 12th. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022.

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