The Mask Started to Glow

So, what is The Mask?

It was lightning in a bottle
Life is what the price is
Reciting from the Bible
What I'm typing's
A silhouette of 
A face that's suicidal
When the thoughts start
To takeover
They control
I follow

My Mask started glow
It was smoking
From inside of it
Wearing it. Cherish it
Scared of life without it

From embarrassment
To marriages
To parenting
To arrogance
To living up to comparison
Still question who am I, though

Mask is what we try to be
Covering up what's inside of me
The Mask will make you lie to me
Just want you to be proud of me

The Mask will make you follow me
Cry to me. Hide from me.
A fabricated society
You'll never see the real side of me

You'll judge me if you knew me
So I'm hiding behind the music
We're hiding behind computers
Creating an image
Of someone cooler

None of us know what we're doing
We're fragile. It's a battle
Scared to death of what you'll think of me
Life is but a dream to me

Nothing's what it seems to be
The Mask is for your secrecy
My silence is a scream to me
Just on a different frequency

What the world is feeding me
The demons always speak to me
My pastor tries to balance out the Mask
Can you preach to me?

I'm going deeper
From my cheeks, my eyes
My noes, my smile
What you see is not my face
Take it off and see me now

Watch me break the Mask in half
And I just throw it
Into the crowd
As I take my skin off
Imperfection's what I found

The Mask.

The Mask

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The Mask is a blanket that shields us from our insecurities. It disguises our worst flaws and attributes from even the people that love us most. The Mask is our protection, and when it’s removed, we’re completely vulnerable. The Mask allows us to have multiple identities. This gives us the advantage of using whatever face society’s willing to accept. The question I ask myself: is the mask protecting me from the world, or is it protecting the world from me?

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