The NBA Regular Season Doesn’t Matter

The Houston RocketsThe Houston Rockets

If the regular season doesn’t matter, then there would be no Houston Rockets. It was because of this entire regular season that this Rockets team was born. Going into the season, everyone said that the Paul and Harden pairing wouldn’t work, and yet they ended the season with the best record in the league. (Nobody is talking about that now, though, as if they all predicted them to be this good.)

They dominated most of their opponents on a nightly basis, despite having key players miss large chunks of games. Because of this, the regular season showed their depth. With 15 different starting lineups throughout the year, they never missed a beat.

Those that say the regular season doesn’t matter are the same ones that said it was just the Warriors going forward, and no one else. A regular season later, the Warriors look vulnerable, as they work on getting healthy.

For those of you who are just tuning in, who have been absent since the previous NBA Finals, welcome. Just so you know, this isn’t last year’s Raptors, Cavs, Warriors, or Rockets, but you’d only know that because of the regular season.

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