The Power of Creation, by Ashley Cox Samanie

Nash’s Note: This is week 4 for my guest posts series, and Ashley Cox Samanie will be the one sharing today. In her post she says, Creation is how we take what is inside of us, and contribute it to the world in a way that transcends limitations of more traditional communication.”

That sentence explains exactly why I’ve always created. Not because I wanted to write or because I wanted to make music, but even at an early age, I understood that there were greater ways to communicate. I knew that a song is a conversation on steroids. I knew that a few thought-out paragraphs could convey a message better than any ramble ever could.

I’m so thankful that she wrote this for the site. It’s meant to be here.

The Power of Creation

The human experience can be a daunting task to endure on one’s own. We’re all such individualized conglomerations of our own genetic makeup, every obstacle we’ve encountered, and every minute feeling we’ve ever felt, that relating to anyone else’s human experience can be difficult. Yet, we all still seek relationships in which we can express the complex abstractions that are our emotions. Creation is how we take what is inside of us, and contribute it to the world in a way that transcends limitations of more traditional communication. Whether you create a painting or a song or an entire 3 dimensional exhibit, you put a piece of yourself into that creation. How much or how little is up to you; how much others see in that is up to them. But no matter the medium, no matter the quality or subject matter, creation gives form to the otherwise inexpressible, bridging the void that neither side could reach before.

Without creative outlets, our interactions with other sentient beings become shallow and one dimensional, each just waiting his or her turn to relate their experience to another in the quickest way possible while hardly giving others a chance to effectively relate their own. So it is important to our mental health and our growth as people that we cultivate a way to create and express art ourselves, and also develop an appreciation for the art of others.

With so many advances in technology, we are able to access infinite ways in which to create. Painting, music, poetry, photography, clay, fiber art, vlogs, and dance are just a few examples. Anyone can not only create art on many different platforms, but can also understand and appreciate art on any other platform they so choose. Different people respond to different forms of art, depending on which language their soul best speaks through. So explore and discover whatever form of creation interests you; none are off limits.

What limits most people from creating freely is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of instability and inadequacy. Creating can be intimidating. You tap into your own vulnerability, and make it available to others. But in creating, you learn to listen and observe, rather than act and ignore. You can make your emotions more accessible to others who have felt something similar. This accessing of emotions is very familiar to most of us in the form of movies. While a work of art as complex as a motion picture requires large teams of creators, it’s still a good example for how creation evokes emotion. We’ve all seen good movies and bad movies, proving that you can put as much or as little effort into creation as you so desire or as befits the project. We’ve also all witnessed scenes that spoke to our own emotions so personally, we’ve jumped or screamed or cried our hearts out. In order to access our reactions and emotions, the makers of the movie had to tap into their own. Using a combination of words, scenes, costumes, color schemes, music, sound effects, and actors helps the directors, writers, and producers communicate these emotions to their audience, and evoke a response. And how much less compassion or understanding would you have for others if you had never experienced a movie? Schindler’s List, Roots, Blood Diamond, or even just Bambi are a few that come to mind.

The world needs creation to awake its compassion. It needs art. It needs people to understand one another better. It needs your messages and contributions. So push past the fear and uncertainty and just create.

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