Nba Is Back! Here’s What I’m Looking Forward to the Most This Season

Welcome back to Nash Loves Basketball. Today we’ll be talking about how the NBA is starting up in just a few hours. Game 1 of the 2017-2018 Regular Season is (as I’m writing this) three hours away. Are you ready? Do you care? Let’s begin!

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CP3 + Harden: of course this is my most exciting and most interesting thing about this year’s season, and of course I think they’ll shock everyone and be a contender. I wrote about it here.

Kyrie + Hayward: I like this new Celtic’s team. I liked last year’s Celtic’s team. Kyrie gets his own team again, and this time, it’s a good team. He’s solidified himself at the highest levels of the NBA, and now he’s out to prove that he can do it without LeBron.

Spurs Done?: The system is what I fear. It doesn’t matter what their roster looks like, because I’ve seen them destroy teams with just their bench, while the starters rested. Every year, we count them out, and every year, they’re a top three seed in the West. Will this always be the case? What year will they not be good? I never know how to judge their team going into a new season. On one hand, by judging their offseason, their injuries, and the competition that has strengthened around them, I have them not being a top four seed. But on the other hand, I see them going through the season, business as usual, and ending up right where they usually do. If you asked me to play my cards with this team, I’m folding. I wouldn’t bet for or against them right now.

Sixers Process: Trust the process is what they tell me. The potential is there (Embiid and Simmons are scary if healthy), but will it grow into more than just potential? That’s what I’ll be watching to see.

Pels Smell: I’m tired of Anthony Davis being treated as if he doesn’t matter. This guy is too good to be on a bad team (since we’re on the topic, I’m tired of bad teams). The Pelicans are wasting years, and by the time they figure it out, he’ll be gone. I’ll be watching to see if anything changes.

Dark Giannis: a team that nobody is talking about, but should be terrified of? The Bucks. Not because of the Bucks, but because of Giannis Antetokounmpo. If I could pick anyone in the NBA to start a team with today, it would be this guy. I’m anxious to see his growth this year.

Cavs Storylines: This team seems weird to me. They’ve gotten worse at the point position, especially with IT being out indefinitely. Derrick Rose is their starter until then, and if (when) he gets hurt, Jose Calderon is starting at that position. Wade and Bron will be fun to watch together again, but they’ll be coasting for most of the regular season. Even with the coasting, and even with the questions at the point guard position, It says a lot about the East that they’ll be the best team in that conference. This is also (most likely) LeBron’s Farewell Tour for the Cavs.

Thunder Trio: Westbrook, George, Hoodie Melo. There’s only one ball (bothers me when people say that), and these are three guys (pick one) that I’d be scared to go up against if they have the proper help. Teaming up with each other could be the help they’ve been needing.

Warriors Again: Everyone is betting Warriors, and I look at that, and I think, there’s always been a Warriors” team (a team that nobody wants to face, and everyone assumes will pile through every-single-team). Take a look at the best team in the NBA for the last 10 years, and then think about how long that run has been. Eventually, that particular team fades away. For some reason though, everyone assumes the Warriors won’t, and they are a wall that will never move. I’m betting the other way. Yes, they could easily dominate the league and win the championship once again, but I’m crazy enough to think otherwise.


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