The Surprising, Very Public Evolution of Donald Glover

Rob Harvilla, writing for The Ringer:

Donald Glover is a rapper, a singer, a producer, an actor, a sketch comedian, a stand-up comedian, a screenwriter, a director, a TV star, a movie star, and a prestige showrunner. That’s in no particular order, in terms of either chronology or quality.

His diversity is astonishing.

Glover tells an anecdote in the New Yorker piece about being 10 years old, and wanting to be good” at P.E. class, which he realized would require that he be good” at basketball, which required him to spend a day shooting baskets for six hours straight. The next day, I was good enough that you wouldn’t notice I was bad,” Glover concludes. And I realized my superpower.” Much of the Childish Gambino catalog feels like watching that kid shoot baskets, like a war of attrition between quantity and quality. But his past few years of output has played out like a slow-motion superhero origin story, and one that has made this long, often interminable ride totally worth it. For him, certainly. And maybe even for us.

I can relate to this quote so much.

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