Thoughts On Apple (WWDC 2017)

Here’s a recap of everything Apple announced at WWDC:

(Or here’s the entire keynote.)

My iPad will be getting the biggest facelift ever with this new update, where iOS 11 has become even more powerful and can now replace a computer better than before. With an actual dock at the bottom now, that I can access it anytime by pulling up from the bottom of the screen, no matter what app or location I’m in. And if I keep pulling up, it brings me to the new multitasking screen, a screen that’ll be my new central hub for navigating around. The iPad even has drag and drop now.

iOS 11 also received a Files app, that manages your files across all cloud services. Because of this, I’ve been moving everything to iCloud Drive again, and trying to move away from Dropbox, to remove a redundant bill.

And here’s how it looks on the iPhone

The HomePod was the last thing announced on stage: a $350 speaker that competes with Amazon Echo and Sonos. I’m skeptical on this product: the name caught me off guard, in a bad way, and the limited amount that Siri can do also worries me. I hope to learn more in the upcoming months that’ll sway me towards wanting this, because I love the the thought of this kind of speaker in my apartment.

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