Thoughts on Running

Running is something I think about a lot. (I’ve also written about it a lot in the past too.) The problem is, I think about it more than I actually do it. It’s definitely the area I hope to grow the most in this year. Writing this down will help me with accountability.

Three Focuses

  • Daily 30 minute run
  • Filling the rings on my watch
  • Maintaining desired weight
  • Morning runs with puppy

What I’ll Need

  • Shorts
  • Running shoes
  • Waist trainer
  • Apple Watch
  • Intervals Pro (app)
  • Husky


I’ll put running clothes out the night before. Around 4am each morning, Jedi, my Husky, starts crying to go outside. That’ll be my opportunity to ha be the ten minute walk into a thirty minute run. This will give us both the exercise we need, I’ll fill my rings on my watch, and we’ll start the morning off with tackling several things at once. Hoping this plan sticks.

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