Three Jackets

Outside, there’s a cool breeze in the air. The season is changing. I opened up the little bag in the closet that holds the few winter items that I own. It was time to pull out the big guns (at least for me, I’m always cold). I pulled out my big green army looking jacket this morning (I also kept the windbreaker in my backpack just in case the big one was overkill).

As I was riding my bike to Thiboduax, I even had to zip up the jacket for my chest. It’s a totally different experience on a motorcycle. I’ll need some gloves soon too, because my hands were cold as I was driving.

This made me think about the jacket mission we do every year. That’s almost here, and right now, I own three jackets: an army green one (my heavy jacket), a black one, and a blue windbreaker. I love all three, so it’ll be hard to part with one of them. But I don’t need three, especially if someone has none. I’ll have some new decisions to make soon.

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