Two Old Monitors and a Keyboard

I was able to scrounge up two old computer monitors recently. I paid $20 for both. I didn’t want anything fancy. I wanted them to feel old. I wanted them to barely work. I’ll have one on each side of my iPad Pro (my main work computer).

On the left monitor will be a classic movie like Blade Runner looping 24/7 with no sound. It’ll be more like having a picture frame in the office. Just there for aesthetic reasons, and inspiration.

On the right side will be Roam Research, a place to write. It’ll always be on, ready for me to start typing. I consider it a place to code my brain. To outline. To connect thoughts.

Both monitors will be ran by the Raspberry Pi 400. It’s a computer inside of a keyboard. Very cheap. Comes with a mouse. Has two outlets for monitors. It’s built for multi-screen. It’s meant for lightweight computing. Like writing text. And looping a video.

Now I just need to build the studio that these will live in.

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