Two Weeks Into 2022: How Things Are Going, and How I’m Approaching the Future

Two weeks into this new year, and so much has changed already. With personal, work, and creative life. Each area has some major adjustments on the way. I won’t get into the details though.

It’s been a combination of… in the moment, very busy, with just enough free time to reflect on the future of where I’m going with my life.

Despite some setbacks, I’m very excited about where we’re headed next. I see the blessings. I see the path ahead better than ever.

Rose Is Two Months

Rose continues to grow. And smile. She’s keeping us busy. All hands on deck. Loving every second of it.


The most consistent thing for me in these two weeks has been my health and fitness. Running, playing basketball, eating healthy food, logging everything into Lifesum, and weighing myself daily. It’s taught me a lot about what kind of food I put into my body. What’s good and what’s bad. The stats I’m getting because of my running and eating is fun to watch. I’ve also made a pass through our kitchen, getting rid of any food that I would consider bad for me. I’m really enjoying these healthy lifestyle I’m creating.

Still Focused on Q1

The writing has dipped. The reading has been nonexistent. Even though I know how important writing and reading is for me, I won’t beat myself up over not getting around to it. All my time has been on the smaller details of each day. And that’s ok. I’m satisfied with how intentional I’ve been in all areas.

Apps I’m Using the Most

Overcast feels like it’s always on, playing some random podcast. Whether I’m running, feeding the baby, sleeping, showering — the podcasts are playing in the background, whether I’m listening to them or not.

Sofa has been my favorite app lately. I’ve been able to keep what I consume (movies, games, tv series) organized and logged so I know where I’m at with my tv time.

Lifesum has been critical for me. Whatever I eat, I log it. If it has a barcode on it, I scan it. Basically, every calorie is logged. And when I run, the calories I burned are logged too. At the end of the day, I have a great summary of how my body is doing. The more I log, the better understanding I’ll have on what’s working and what’s not.

In Closing

Being intentional is the theme so far this year, whatever that looks like each day. I look forward to to keeping this process going, because it’s very satisfying and rewarding when seeing the fruit from the labor. I hope to share more of these little details about all of this soon.

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