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Hey, TWTR, by Dustin Curtis

I love Twitter, but it’s a failing company. I hardly know anyone personally that uses it.

I use Tweetbot more than any other app on my phone: for gathering information to write about, and to follow all the topics that I’m passionate about.

Dustin Curtis gives us his first tweetstorm, and it’s a good one.

Hey, TWTR.

Your absolute, objective incompetence confuses and infuriates me with the power of a thousand suns.

Get your shit together.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

I don’t care whose feelings I hurt by calling you incompetent anymore. Your company is on fire and you are not doing anything to fix it.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Double tweet length to 256 chars. No more fucking philosophical discussions about this. It’s just obvious. Will improve discourse. Do it.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Add a god damned edit button. Jesus Christ.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Every tweet should have a big red button that says “report this asshole”. Duh. Then hire a ton of people to actually get rid of the Nazis.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Send your product team to Southeast Asia where they can see first hand how shitty their product performs there. It’s being crushed.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Focus less on the bullshit day to day stuff that people complain about and work on the actual product. Make big, sweeping changes.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Your product is not growing because it’s not compelling. And you keep re-arranging deck chairs. Stop. Blow it up and re-think it. TWTR 2040.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Your competitors are eating your your core competency alive and you’re making half-assed deals with the NFL. Stop that distracting nonsense.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

You’re a broadcast news/opinion/gossip publisher with innovative kinds of interactive features. Stop not knowing who you are. Embrace it.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Your HQ should have a hundred phones running every messaging app. Steal the features! “My Day” is an obvious one to experiment with.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

Twitter has insane potential to change the way information is shared, on a human level. Not since TV has there been so much opportunity.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

If Twitter went away, we’d enter a social web dark ages. You can’t sell. You can’t die. You have to exist, because you’re so important.

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

So stop fucking around. Get to work, make this app not so godawfully hard to use. (Writing these Tweets in a connected way was painful.)

— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

This is my first tweetstorm and now I’m even angrier. No wonder celebrities use Instagram. That was fucking ridiculous.


— dustin curtis (@dcurtis) July 27, 2017

I’m Nash (beta 32). I write, record, and travel. Finishing up my first book. Become a member today.




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