Understanding Us

Understanding Us. As in Us. As in U.S. As in United States. Goes Both Ways. Without Even Trying, It’s Now Part of My Life. You Can’t Escape It Anymore. Everything Is Politics. Let’s Begin.

To start, I don’t do politics. At all. I don’t care about any of it. The left or the right, or whatever political language is used to determine what side is correct. None of that matters to me. I care about people.

I follow many people outside of the United States, from many different countries (writers, musicians, podcasters, etc.), so picking sides goes against my beliefs: people matter more than a side, more than a color, more than a president.

This is all a circus filled with racket. And I don’t care about any of it. Instead, I read books on how to grow as a person. Instead of screaming in comments about how things should be, I work on changing myself. I do a lot of writing. Not about in the moment, but writing that’ll last longer than whatever the current event is. I don’t watch the news. I’m ignorant to the daily cycle the media feeds you, and I believe it’s for the better. It’s made me better. You may disagree, and I’d like to know why.

I believe people from all walks of life should matter way more than they currently do. So right now I’m trying to understand more. About the people around me. About uniting. About removing division. I want to help. But before helping, I need a better understanding on how to. What am I missing? My pastor spoke about this last weekend, and I feel exactly the same way: Love the person right in front of you.

I think we have to ask ourselves if we even want to be together. Sometimes I look around, and it seems like the division is what people are feeding off of. At times, division feels like the perfect answer for some people. It’s heartbreaking. They don’t even want to understand the other side. We’re at war with ourselves. For some odd reason, and there’s not enough people with power helping to change this. Instead, they’re fanning the flame, and helping that flame grow.

So I’m looking to learn. What am I missing? What can I learn? All private messages to me are welcomed. On my site, just look up at the top. Private message me here.” Say hello. Tell me how to help. Tell me what you consider the biggest problem. If you want, leave your contact information. Let’s talk. A full conversation about your perspective. Or just stay anonymous. Either way, your voice matters to me.

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