Embrace Your Weird

There’s things about me that are unusual and would probably qualify me as someone who’s unique: my artistic side, the daily blogging, the 25 rap albums recorded, the not drinking alcohol or going out to bars, the fact that I have less than 50 items that I own, the fact that I’m still single and don’t have any kids yet, the fact that I’ve been going to church for 5 years and still struggle with faith and believing — the list goes on and on.

I used to be self-conscious about some of these things and even considered myself weird compared to everyone else, but a lot of this is now what I consider strengths. Turning a negative in my mind into a positive. Simply shifting my perspective and outlook on something that would otherwise hinder my growth as a person.

The lack of possessions and bills allows me the flexibility to live exactly how I want. The lack of having my own family yet allows me to travel as much as I want, and now be motorcycle only, with no car. The artistic side of me has allowed me to express myself for years, where otherwise I would’ve been a recluse and nobody would know who I truly am. You wouldn’t know my heart. It’s given me some kind of voice to the outside world. My lack of faith has allowed me to press in even harder and learn more about myself and what I believe. It’s allowed conversations with the people around me that go much deeper than the surface level small talk that happens on a typical Sunday morning.

Wherever you feel different or lacking, or wherever you feel yourself unique compared to your peers, enjoy it and consider it a strength. Embrace your weird, because it’s now your superpower.


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