My Enneagram Results (Wepss)

  • The Nine Different Styles 1

  • You identify most with the Resourceful features of Enneagram style 4. This is your core style.

  • You identify with the Less-Resourceful characteristics of your neighboring auxiliary style 5.

  • The style that appears under stressful conditions is Less-Resourceful style 2. The style that appears under relaxed conditions is Resourceful style 1.

Your Core Enneagram Style

Your WEPSS Total scores indicate that you identify most strongly with Style 4  as your core Enneagram style. People with a FOUR style value originality and authenticity more than anything else. You have an innate sense of quality. You want to make the world a more beautiful place, and believe this can be done by honoring your uniqueness, expressing your creativity, and deeply connecting to others and the world.

Your scores indicate that you identify more with the Resourceful characteristics than the Less-Resourceful characteristics of Style FOUR. You probably have very good taste, and may be known for having a romantic and passionate view of things. It is likely that you place a high value on the inner journey, and are likely to be very sensitive to the losses and suffering of others. You value searching for and being aware of your inner real self.

On the other hand, when the Less-Resourceful aspects of Style FOUR come into play, you tend to overvalue your sense of uniqueness to the extent that you only feel worthwhile if you are special and stand out from the crowd. Your sensitivity to loss may become so exaggerated that you are thrown into a state of melancholy, unable to perceive that which is not lost.

Your Preferred Wing Style

You identify most strongly with the Less-Resourceful aspects of this wing style. Your FIVE wing style may increase your tendency to get fruitlessly caught up in analyzing your inner experience, ruminating in looping directions that go nowhere. You may put so much energy into your creative fantasies that it becomes difficult to reach out and connect with others.

What You Find Easy to Do

Each Enneagram style has adaptive characteristics that make it relatively easy to do certain things. FOURs find it easy to look inward and analyze their own inner experience. You can also easily feel empathy for others’ pain. You may find that you can effortlessly tune into the mood and spirit of your surroundings, and can express what you discover in an artistic or ritualized form.

Because your Resourceful characteristics score for Style FOUR is higher than your Less-Resourceful characteristics score, it is likely that when you do look inward, you find much of value. You can thus be in tune with your own special qualities, which helps you to engage with the world from a balanced, independent stance.

What May Be Difficult to Do / May Be Avoided

Each Enneagram style struggles with things that are relatively difficult to do. FOURs find it difficult to move from their fantasies and feelings into effective, purposeful action. It can be hard for you to persist through the ordinary, mundane routine that is usually required to achieve concrete goals.

Defensive Maneuvers

FOURs steer away from being ordinary by pursuing uncommon experiences and expressions. None feel as deeply as they do, none experience life in the same way they do. Mere words are not enough to express their responses; they need poetry, music, dance, painting, or some other kind of artistic sublimation to capture their experience.

How You May Have Learned This Style

During your early development, you were very aware of your own completeness and originality. This sense became lost to you when important people in your life became unavailable to you, leading you to feel unwanted. You may have believed that this was because there was something wrong with you, or that you weren’t special enough to be noticed. You may have even felt so different from others that you believed you were delivered to the wrong planet. You tried to make yourself unique and special so that others would not leave you behind.

Stressful Conditions

Sometimes stress brings out the best in people, and sometimes the worst. As a FOUR, your identification with the Less-Resourceful side of Style TWO indicates that when you are stressed you may use your ability to empathize with others’ pain to identify ways of giving that will earn their attention and approval. You tend to feel that others do not give you the appreciation you deserve, or that they are not giving you the care you expect of them. This may often result in dramatic or volatile interactions. Try to focus more on the mutual aspects of relationships and on the positive exchanges that occur, so that you are not exclusively occupied with the aspects of relationships that you find lacking.

Relaxed Conditions

When people feel safe, secure, and relaxed, they can often express their positive side more readily than usual. Sometimes, though, in times of security they are more willing to show their flaws. As a FOUR, your identification with the Resourceful side of Style ONE indicates that when you are feeling secure you have a sense of your wholeness and worth when you look inward. This enables you to be more accepting of your flaws so that you don’t rely so much on the attention of others to feel complete. It can also make it easier for you to stay grounded in reality and to take action to resolve inner turmoil. You need to be alert to a tendency to lose yourself in idealistic, romantic fantasies.

How to Be More in Balance

Your sense of inner wholeness is a great resource you can use to stay in balance. Use your capacity for self-reflection and analytical ability to cultivate a spirit of impartiality rather than to compulsively analyze your own deficiencies and those of others. You can develop balanced relationships by being careful not to employ your natural altruism and sensitivity to others’ feelings simply to get them to care for or appreciate you. Your ability to perceive the basic goodness in yourself and in others can help you keep your balance in relationships and resolve problems in a focused, solution-oriented manner.

  1. Style ONE: The Good Person ONES are attracted to and value goodness. They endeavor to be good persons, seeking to make the world a better place to live in. They want to realize all of their potential and help others to do the same. For ONES, life is about doing your best, setting high standards and goals and living up to them.

    Style TWO: The Loving Person TWOS value and are attracted to love. They want to be generous persons, seeking to make the world a more loving place in which to live. Harmonious intimate mutual relationships are what life is all about for TWOS.

    Style THREE: The Effective Person THREES are attracted to and value efficiency, industriousness, and competence. They want to be productive persons, seeking to make the world a more efficient place to live in. Bringing projects to completion, accomplishing goals, and working effectively are what life is about for THREES. Recognizing that the cosmos is an orderly harmonious system, THREES work to keep it running smoothly.

    Style FOUR: The Original Person FOURS are attracted to and value originality, authenticity, individuality, and artistic expression. They want to be sensitive, refined persons, seeking to make the world more beautiful. Valuing the inner journey, each FOUR is on the quest for the Holy Grail, his or her real self. Honoring your uniqueness and deeply connecting to others and to the world is what life is all about for FOURS.

    Style FIVE: The Wise Person FIVES are attracted to and value wisdom, knowledge, and learning. They want to understand the world and make it a more reasonable place to live in. For FIVES, life is about having insights, learning about the nature of things, and seeing how everything fits together.

    Style SIX: The Loyal Person SIXES are attracted to and value loyalty. They endeavor to be faithful, conscientious, responsible persons, keeping their word and honoring their commitments. They want to make the world a safer and more reliable place in which to live. Doing your duty and respecting your traditions is what life is all about for SIXES.

    Style SEVEN: The Joyful Person SEVENS are attracted to and value joy, variety, and excitement. They want to be happy persons, seeking to make the world a more delightful place to live in. SEVENS want to experience all the possibilities life has to offer. Having fun and being positive are their central goals.

    Style EIGHT: The Powerful Person EIGHTS are attracted to and appreciate power. They endeavor to be strong, independent, straightforward, assertive persons, who use their strength and influence to make the world a more just place. They value equity, the equal distribution of power, and show a concern for the underprivileged and disenfranchised. EIGHTS are chiefly concerned with being their own person, doing their own thing, and protecting their own people and interests.

    Style NINE: The Peaceful Person NINES are attracted to and value peace, harmony, and unity. They want to make the world an inclusive, harmonious, and conflict-free place to live in. They like being peaceful, calm, and ordered, and they prefer to go with the flow. They are confident that events are unfolding as they should, and they see no need to push the river, recognizing that it’s flowing fine by itself. For NINES, being at one with yourself and your surroundings is what life is all about.↩︎

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