What’s Your Projects? Now Move Them Along.

I have about a dozen projects in the works right now (books, guest posts, new shirts, albums, photoblogs, vacation trips, etc.). They’re all moving along at the different speeds it takes to complete each one. Some will be done today. Some next week. Some next month. Some next year. But they’re all moving along. The timing for each one is perfect.

As the month comes to an end, I’m reflecting on what was accomplished in April, and what’s coming in May, as well as the months that follow. It feels good to have all those layers in motion like that at once.

I encourage you to brainstorm on some projects that you’d like to exist. Not just one, but several of them. Big ones and small ones. Start chipping away at each of them. Creating something from scratch, and then sending it out into the world, is one of the most satisfying feelings that I know. It’s why I have nashp.com. It’s a digital museum for all the little weird things I create.

And If I can help you with any of your projects (nashp.com/help), no matter the size and scale of them, please reach out to me privately.

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