Who needs good basketball, just give us storylines

Listening to the latest episode of NBA Lockdown bothered me. They1 were arguing about how the NBA is currently worse than previous years, because, even though there’s so much depth and parody in the league, there isn’t any storylines2. They mentioned how compelling the playoffs were when Lance blew in Lebron’s ear. I couldn’t believe it. This was one of the points worth making, to validate an argument about a so-called boring year of basketball?

As I listened, I was embarrassed to think that this is an NBA podcast I’m listening to, that isn’t an enjoying good basketball. Teams like the Hawks, Wizards, and Raptors are leading the East, and people can’t stand it. They want their superstars. They want their drama. They want their storylines—not good basketball, just storylines.

Update: the latest episode agreed with everything I said. The first 10 minutes were spot on, as if they read this post. They disagreed with the fact that the NBA is boring this year, which is such a ridiculous statement. They even acknowledged that Cari Champion is just a bitter laker fan.

  1. Doug Kezirian, Cari Champion, Jeff Goodman and Ramona Shelburne

  2. The topic was led by Cari Champion, a Laker fan who seems only capable of talking about her team.

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