Writing a Book, Starting a Band, and Countdown to Pilot (new album November 1st)

Album: I’m releasing Pilot sooner than I expected to. Not because it’s finished, but because I have two bigger projects to focus on, and instead of putting the album on hold, I’m freeing myself from it entirely. I’ll release it November 1st, allowing me to completely focus on the next two things I mention.

Book: November 1st is Day One for me with my book writing project. Why November 1st? NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month): 30 days of writing, a little over 1,600 words per day, getting me to that 50,000 word count at the end of the month. Wish me luck.

Band: Besides the album and the book (and my performance on October 29th), there’s something else that I’ve been working on: I’m starting a band. I’ll write all the details in a future post.

Publicly announcing something is the best way to hold yourself accountable, but this post makes me uncomfortable, because now, the world is expecting these things from me. It’s much easier to create when the project doesn’t exist to the world yet. Thankfully though, I’m announcing these projects because I’m very confident in each one of them: every blog post I’ve ever written has prepared me for this book, and every album I’ve recorded has prepared me for this band. They’re both natural progressions.