I Yelled at My Tv, and for the First Time Ever, It Yelled Back

I was playing NBA 2K14 on the Xbox One, and the guy that I was about to play against kept changing his mind on the team he wanted—he would switch through each team and after looking at the rankings and choices of jerseys, he’d move over to the next team to consider. He was taking forever. I was on my lunch break, with not much time to play, and even if this guy did hurry up, I’d still be late getting back to work.

I was getting frustrated and I did what any normal person does when the TV is being retarded: I yelled at it. I shouted out, Hurry up!” … and what followed was the last thing I expected. Out of nowhere, my TV screamed back at me, Shut the f%+k up!”

This scared the crap out of me. I had no idea that the Xbox One and the Kinect could carry a conversation between both players during a game. I assumed that this was only possible with the headset plugged in. What a pleasant, and shocking surprise.


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