Emoji Folders (Monday Coffee: July 11th, 2022)

Rose Makes 8 Months Tomorrow

Just arrived at the coffee shop. 7:30am. Small americano. An hour to write this. Let’s begin. (Update from my future self: finished this in only 30 minutes. Exciting. Enjoy this new condensed version.)

Emoji Folders

The focus this week has been inside of Apple Notes. Making folders for all the areas in my life, putting them in alphabetical order, and putting emojis in front. Having all of these folders in order like this, and knowing that the folder exist, makes it easy to find what I’m looking for.

Above this alphabetical is current projects that I’m working on (I have those hidden in the photo). The active projects are shared with the person I’m collaborating with. It’s at the very top so I can jump right to it when I need it.

Underneath all these folders is an Archive folder. When I’m done with a note or folder, I put it in the archive folder.

(This structure is a remix of Tiago Forte’s, from Building a Second Brain book.)

Shrinking the Newsletter

You’ll notice that this email is much smaller than previous ones. My goal is to get the size down to something that’s easier to knock out on Monday mornings. Shrinking the process will allow me to show up and complete it quicker, and hopefully be inspired by it again.

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