Organizing Health (Morning Coffee: Sept. 5th, 2022)

Just finished a 30 minute run to the coffee shop. Now I’ll spend the next hour writing about how I track all things health. Our phones and watches make it so easy to manage this information. Let’s begin.

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Health Tracking

I only have two pages of apps on my phone, and one of those pages is completely dedicated to health.

Apps on health screen:

By wearing my Watch as I sleep, NapBot tracks the amount of time I’ve been in bed, as well as my heart rate, respiratory rate, and deep sleep.

When I wake up, I open FITINDEX and then stand on the scale. It’s become a daily habit. Doing this logs more than just my weight. It also tracks my BMI, muscle mass, body fat, etc.

Apple Health is the health app built into the phone, that acts as the hub for all things that get logged from each app. Apple Fitness is the home for exercising. It shows my rings that I aim to fill each day, it shows workouts I can watch and follow along, and it shows the rings of friends so I can follow their progress as well.

Lifesum is where I log the food I eat. It calculates all the details in a very easy way. It also subtracts the amount of calories I’ve burned, leaving me with a balance of calories left for the day.

Happy Scale is a minimal weight tracker that I use to get my average weight. Fitness Totals is a minimal activity tracker that I use for its widget. Center is a minimal meditation app.







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