Robots Painted This (Morning Coffee: October 31st, 2022)

Happy Halloween! Just finishing up at the coffee shop. This week’s newsletter is about an iPhone game that I’m in love with and how robots are now designing the world for me. Let’s begin.

The Box

Marvel SNAP

Even with all the big blockbuster PlayStation 5 games out there, Marvel SNAP, a little mobile game, might be my Game of the Year. It’a a fast-paced card battler. You build a deck of 12 cards (Marvel characters) that compliment each other with their own unique skills, and then you battle someone else around the world. I can’t put this game down.

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Stable Diffusion

Today’s artwork comes from DiffusionBee, a MacOS app. AI art is something new that I’m fascinated with: simply type a sentence and the computer creates it.

DiffusionBee isn’t the most popular (those are DALL-E and Midjourney), but DiffusionBee is a free app, where as the other two are monthly subscription services. Stable Diffusion and AI art is an area to look out for. It’s growing rapidly.

It’s a technology that I hardly even understand. I just know that when I type something as random as: Kids playing basketball on the moon, pastel, doodle, it gives me this.




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